Guest Post Cleaning Solution!

Here’s a solution for those who love a clean house, but 
dread cleaning day…SKIP CLEANING DAY and start a 
Instead of planning a marathon day of cleaning every week 
or two, start setting aside 15 minutes a day for cleaning. 
Even better…delegate some of your cleaning chores to 
your children! I’ll be happy to teach you how to make 
a chore chart!
Doesn’t 15 minutes a day sound better than spending half 
your Saturday cleaning or going crazy the day of your 
party to make the house look perfect? The key is to 
make a house cleaning schedule, so that every room 
in your house will be cleaned every 2 weeks.
If you tackle one room each day or one task each day, 
you’ll never feel like a maid again! Here’s a suggested 
house cleaning schedule to get you started, just 
customize it for your house and let the cleaning begin!
Monday: run the dust mop under all furniture, 
beds, etc.

Tuesday: vacuum downstairs

Wednesday: vacuum upstairs

Thursday: mop kitchen, bathroom and foyer

Friday: clean 1 bathroom (the tub, the shower, 
the toilet, the sink, the counters) 
Saturday: clean 1 bathroom (the tub, the shower,
the toilet, the sink, the counters) 
Monday: vacuum high traffic areas (high 
traffic areas usually need to be vacuumed 
once a week) 
Tuesday: dust living room, den and 
dining room (don’t forget to dust the baseboards 
and blinds or shutters)
Wednesday: dust bedrooms (don’t forget the 
baseboards, blinds or shutters) 
Thursday: extra job (this is a cleaning job 
that only needs to be done every once and a while 
like dusting ceiling fans or cleaning out the 
Friday: clean kitchen (the stove, the sink, 
dust, clean counters)

Saturday: sweep porch and wipe off porch furniture
That’s it…once you’ve completed the first 2 week cycle, 
your house will always feel clean! Certainly we can 
all find 15 minutes in our busy day!

written by:
Kristl Story
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  1. Thanks for the guest post! My sister in law just bought a huge house, and she’s feeling very overwhelmed with cleaning…this article made her realize that she could break it into “bite-sized” pieces!

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