The Learning Tree Movie Review


My Thoughts on The Learning Tree
I had never heard ofthe Movie ‘The Learning Tree’ which I found as a surprise as I am an old moviebuff. The Learning Tree released a theatrical version in 1969 and is not releasedon DVD for the first time!
The Learning Tree isabout a boy named Newt who embarks upon a life of love, fear, racial injustice,and even a murder trial. Newt is inspiring as we learn that life should not beabout hate as it is “a waste of valuable energy.” While Newt and a group offriends steal some apples from an orchard an unfortunate event happens when oneof the friends gets caught and whipped by the land owner. Once the boy gets himon the ground he hits the owner until is nearly dead. Newt and his friends donot like what just happened and later Newt’s Mama informs him that to make upfor it he will work off the stolen apples by working for the land owner Jakeduring the summer.
Newt will go throughmany trials as he grows up in a time of segregation. With a teacher who doesnot believe that a black boy should go to college and many people at every turntelling him that he will go nowhere in life. Newt is struggling to be good andto make something of himself. He has a proper upbringing and is generally avery good kid.
This movie showed mewhat it might have been like to grow up in a time of segregation. I do hopethat if I had lived in that time that I would have been kind to everyone nomatter their race. I find it very sad that people should ever be judged becauseof a color of skin. This movie is inspiring and I love the values that aretaught by Newt in this wonderful movie.
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