Tom and Jerry Fur Flying Adventures Review


My Thoughts on Tom and Jerry
Fur Flying Adventures
As a child I grew up watching and enjoying Tom and Jerry cartoons. Nowit seems history is repeating itself as my daughter enjoys her daily Tom andJerry fix every day after school. Just proof that it truly is a classic!
Tom and Jerry Fur Flying Adventures was released on February 8thof this year and contains 14 shorts that your children (and you) will enjoy!Your children will enjoy watching Tom and Jerry Travel through time, to Europe,into outer space, and even fight over a basket from the Easter Bunny!
Tom and Jerry was created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera and has rocketed intobeing one of the top cartoons of all time! Their thoughts of a cat and mousegame that never ends is truly classic and I enjoy watching all of the creativeways that Tom tries to catch is never-ending foe Jerry! Jerry however iscunning and quick in his own way and never allows Tom the satisfaction ofsucceeding! You will enjoy 93 minutes of laughs with your family each time youpop in the disc for Tom and Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures!
Ashes Thoughts
(age 5)
It’s cool. My favorite part is when the ants took the steak away fromthe Bulldog. Then the bulldog took it away again. Tom tried to chase after themouse named Jerry. It’s silly. Tom never gets Jerry because the mouse is toofast for him. Like the mouse runs this fast (demonstrating). The bad news isthat once the Tom had Jerry in his hand but then Jerry had a plan to escape. 
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