Sunday in New York Review

Sunday in New York
I am an old movie buff and when I come across an old movie that I havenever seen I can’t possibly pass it up. Sunday in New York Staring CliffRobertson, Jane Fonda, and Rod Taylor is a wonderful movie. It has everythingthat you would expect to find in a movie from the 60’s! 

On The Back

Before she became a great star and a two-time Academy Award winner,Jane Fonda was a screen ingénue who sent a string of bubbly romantic comediessoaring, including this charmer from the prolific pen of Norman Krasna(Bachelor Mother, The Devil and Miss Jones.) Fonda portrays a virginal missblessed with long limbs and a knockout profile who runs off from her fiancé (RobertCulp) to the swingin’ pad of her brother (Cliff Robertson) and then into thearms of a guy she meets on the 5th Avenue bus (Rod Taylor) – all thewhile trying to decide if she’ll say “yes” before she says “I do.” Filmed onlocation, Sunday in New York is a fun, sophisticated romp set to a hip PeterNero score that features Mel Torme singing the title tune.
My Thoughts
I was instantly captivatedby this movie. It is charming and sweet and Jane Fonda plays her character well.She is having a hard time deciding what path to take in life and feels thepressure from the men around her. She is debating giving into temptation beforegetting married and turns to her brother for guidance. He of course he tellsher not to do anything rash! While she is on a mission to find her brother andlet him know of an important phone call when an unexpected turn of eventshappen. She meets a man. He is suave and debonair and quickly has swept her offher feet. Will she be able to firmly place her feet back on the ground beforethings go too far? You will have to watch and see!
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