Felicity An American Girl Adventure Review

My Thoughts on Felicity
An American Girl Adventure
I could not get enough of American Girl Books when I was a child. Iread every one of them that ever came out and could not wait for the next! Istill own all of the American Girl books and read them to my daughter now. Iknow that she is not old enough to fully understand them and often gets boardbut when she is a little older I know that she will be captivated and takenaway with each and every American Girl story.
I was able to review Felicity An American Girl Adventure DVD.I had notread the Felicity story since my childhood but Felicity was always my favoriteof all the American Girls. It did not take long for me to remember the storyand I was thrilled with how well it was portrayed! Felicity is a 10 year oldgirl who has a mind of her own! She would rather ride astride horseback all dayover sipping tea with the other girls her age. Felicity is one day faced with aman who makes her worst fear a reality. She watches him beating his horse. Desperateto make that horse her friend she sneaks out each morning and soon has thehorse at her command. This does not go well with the owner!
In the meantime there is trouble brewing all around the AmericanColony. Loyalists and Patriots are gearing up to fight a war. Felicity willhave to decide what side she should choose. Her Grandfather being loyal to theKing and her Father not agreeing with the tax hike will touch her life and shewill be faced with many decisions.
Felicity is an inspiring little girl. I love how she stands up for her beliefsno matter what. She does not cave when society wants her too! She is not afraidto be herself and with that everyone around her falls in love with this bright,kind hearted, giving, little girl!
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