10 Minute Solution for Wii Review


My Thoughts on 10 Minute Solution
10- Minute Cardio Workouts for a Knock-Out Body

I love fitness Wii games! It is a fun way to interact andget my daily exercise in! 10 Minute Solution was no exception! It was fun toplay and the workouts I feel are more intense than a lot of others I have triedin the past. I love that I can turn it on and do a quick 10 minute workout andstill feel that I got an intense burn! For the first five minutes I was workingmy upper body while boxing and for the last five minutes I was doing some funstep aerobics! I like the graphics and such that were in the game and you canalso customize your workout to include yoga or even different games like tennisor freebie! You can even choose different locations to work out at! Want to envisionyour work out at a Chinese Courtyard or Venice? 

The 10 Minute Solution came with hand weights which I foundto be wonderful! They really help to work your arms out while you are practicingyour boxing moves. The 10 Minute Solution is also compatible with your WiiBalance Board but you do not have to use it during your workout. I like theadded effect but the option is also up to you so that makes it nice!
I really have enjoyed my daily 10 Minute workout! It is theperfect game to fit into a tight schedule and you will enjoy the interactionyou have. The customizing features are easy to use and you will be on your wayto your Knock-Out Body in no time!
Buy It!
You may visit a WiiStore near you or HERE to make a purchase!I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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