Monopoly Streets Wii Review and Giveaway!

My Thoughts on Monopoly Streets
Out of all of the games that I received for my Wii event this is theone that I thought would be the least cool…but it turns out that it is myfavorite out of them all! I am not a huge Wii player. I enjoy the games, butonly when my family is around to enjoy them with me! When it comes to MonopolyStreets all of that goes right out the window! For some reason I can’t seem toturn the Wii off! I want to play it night and day! Forget about taking mydaughter to school or the household chores! I just want to play MonopolyStreets!
In Monopoly Streets you get to choose a board and a character. Then youplay just as you would any other Monopoly game! You can play different versionsthat make it faster, or with bonus dice. But all in all the rules are the same!Purchase land and as much as you can, then build upon that land and makeeveryone go bankrupt!
There are SO many cool boards to choose from on Monopoly Streets. I don’thave them all unlocked yet but you can see what they are (just not what theylook like) There are game boards such as jungle, cheese, and ice just to name afew. You also unlock characters as you go along.
At the end of each game you will be able to keep the money you incurredduring your time playing. You can then use that money to purchase more gameboards or player tokens. Each player token has a special quirk about them. Forexample the little dog which was always my favorite to play has a rich female characterthat you would expect to see carrying around her little dog. The top hat isplayed by a boy in a top hat and suite with tales! The Iron is my favorite touse for Monopoly Streets so far and she is a plum little maid! I love thespecial effects that have been added to Monopoly Streets. I can’t get enough. Youcan watch your houses/hotels being built and trade properties back and forthdepending on what you can get away with! I am hooked!!
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