Epic Mickey Review

My Thoughts on Epic Mickey

This Wii game arrived at my house the other day and I must admit that Ihave not been able to play it! My husband took it over and has not stopped! Iasked him to write the review and he just kept saying “It’s cool! The graphicsare cool, the game it cool.” That was not exactly what I had in mind for thereview as I could see all that from watching him play! I was hoping for alittle more detail!

Epic Mickey is filled with cool graphics. Mickey is on a mission tosave the forgotten world. With his paint brush in hand Mickey goes from oneadventure to another in the alternate world called Wasteland. Mickey will determinehis own path by using paints and paint thinner so you better use them in theright way or you shall be doomed! But no worries when you need help you will beable to find it with the Guardians! Guardians are mystic little creatures thatare drawn to Mickey! They will happily spin around Mickey and are always readyto help in time of need!
In Epic Mickey you will be able to turn your sketches into real objectsand in this magical game Gremlins are actually your friends!
I found Epic Mickey to be wonderful! I know my husband loves to playthe game and he says it is the best graphics that he has seen in a Wii game. Itis challenging and fun! I did notice that the game would not be easily playedby a young child although it is rated E for Everyone. There is a lot going onand a lot to try to accomplish! I love this game and I can’t wait for myhusband to stop playing it so I can check it out!
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I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview thanks to Disney Interactive Studios, However my opinion was used inthis review and was not influenced in any way!


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