Peter Rabbit Organics 3 New Flavors Review!


MyThoughts on Peter Rabbit Organics
3New Flavors!
Ihave blogged time and again about how much I love the new Pouched,Pureed food idea! The snacks are easy for the kids to eat and don’tmake a mess! Plus they are light weight and can be easily thrown intoa hiking backpack to allow some good fruit on your walk.
PeterRabbit Organics has added three more wonderful flavors to theircollection of pouched foods! Sweet Potato with Corn and Apple, Peawith Spinach and Apple, and Carrot with Squash and Apple! PeterRabbit Organics is made in the U.S. And contains 100% NaturallyOrganic Fruits and Vegetables! They have also created a new pouchwhich is
4oz.Larger! Peter Rabbit has thought of everything with their handypouches from being BPA free to having a no choke cap on the end!
SweetPotato, Corn, and Apple -I could taste the Apple Right awaywith a hint of Sweet Potato. It was delicious! I tried really hard totaste the corn in there but I could not. I really like that the tasteis sweet and a flavor that all can enjoy!
Carrot,Squash, and Apple– I could taste the Apple on this one rightaway as well. But also the bitterness of the Squash and Carrot (in agood way). I really enjoyed this flavor as it was not too sweet buthad the perfect combination!
Pea,Spinach, and Apple- Pea! That was my first taste! I love Peasand it was wonderful to be able to taste the vegetable! There wasalso a sweet after taste of apple! I love how well the two gotogether! I can not taste the Spinach which is also good since youdon’t want too many flavors at once! I really enjoyed this flavorcombination! Yummy!
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Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.


  1. Great tasting, nutritious and easy Wow! I’d call that a great product. You had me with sweet potato.
    Gladys P

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