Handmade With Love Event! 11 Winners – Open Internationally!


Welcome to Handmade With Love Winter Giveaway Event! I am bringing back many of the Top Etsy Giveaways that I have held this year with prizes galore!! Here at Heavenly Savings I have over $220 in Handmade Items to giveaway to 11 winners! Many of them are open internationally!
Please feel free to stop by and check out my wonderful sponsors. Bookmark them if you like what you see and remember them next time you are making a handmade purchase!
Shops are listed in Alphabetical order! Thanks for stopping by! Have fun!
beadpod8 is giving away an item of choice up to $20! With 7 pages of items to choose from you wont be disappointed! Open Internationally!
Beadpod8 is from Singapore and works hard as a stay at homemom! She enjoys making jewelry during her spare time and it often times helpsher to relax! Beadpod8 finds inspiration in many of the things around herincluding The beach, garden, flowers, colors, photographs, even the whiff of asweet scent! You can find beadpod8 on Facebook HERE or her blog HERE! You canalso read more about beadpod8 from my past review HERE!

clevercrafter is giving away this fun, wear with anything, button bracelet! You all know how much I love to hear mine jingle! Open Internationally!
Clevercrafter lives in Michigan andwent to school in Kalamazoo! What a fun sounding place! She came up with hershop name when she continually heard her friends and family tell her she wasclever! Which I agree! She is! Being her own individual she has a hard timefinding jewelry to fit her style. So she decided to create some one of a kindpieces!  You can learn more aboutCleverCrafter from her blog HERE! You can also check out my past feature HERE!
Galit is offering up this stunning pair of Pearl Earrings with Crochet Sterling Silver Wire! Open Internationally!
Galit loves to spend her time drawing, painting, and knitting! She iscurrently attending school in Tel Aviv majoring in Jewelry Design. When she isnot being crafty she enjoys hiking, watching movies, and listening to oleprogressive rock!  She finds inspirationfrom materials and it’s texture and color. To read more about Galit you can fanher on Facebook HERE, Blog HERE, or Twitter HERE! You can also read my pastreview HERE!


Kirameku is giving away a beautiful neon Pink necklace that she hand created just for this event! Open Internationally!
Kirameku is from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and grew up beinginterested in Arts. Spending the past 5 years at Art School! Kirameku came upwith her shop name from her love of Japanese words! Kirameku describes theshine of the ocean and diamonds!  You canfind Kirameku’s blog HERE, or Twitter page HERE! To learn more about Kiramekuyou may visit my past review HERE!

KristinNoelDesigns is giving away a Beautiful pair of Gold Hoop Earrings!Open Internationally!

KristinNoelDesigns currently lives in Oahu and finds living inHawaii surreal! I would too! KristinNoelDesigns loves making necklaces andfinds it therapeutic!  KristinNoelDesignsalso has a little advice for anyone looking into starting a jewelry business!You will have long hours and hard work ahead!  You can find more about KristinNoelDesigns onher blog HERE or on twitter HERE! You can also read more about her from myfeature of her other shop SeaBabe HERE!
LittlePinkPlum is giving away this beautiful Cherry Blossom Purse Hanger! Open to U.S. Residents Only!
Littlepinkplum resides in San Diego with herfamily. She is a stay at home mom to three lovely children! She created hershop name by adjoining her two favorite colors and added little because it wascatchy! Littlepinkplum finds her inspiration by nature and her love for flowersand baby animals. You may read more about Littlepinkplum on her Blog HERE orTwitter HERE! You can also preview my past feature HERE!
 margosoriginals is giving away a Gorgeous Sterling Silver Initial Disc Necklace with Bird Charm and Freshwater Pearl!   Open Internationally!
Margosoriginals isfrom Akron Ohio and works full time as a receptionist at a Doctor’sOffice! Margo came up with her shop name when the gals at work would wear hercustom jewelry and would way “It’s a Margo Original” Margo has fun creating thebeautiful pieces in her shop and she knows that her shop is full of items thatyou all will love! You can also fan Margo on her blog HERE! To read more youmay visit my past review HERE!
MGLDesigns is offering up your choice out of two beautiful Pouches! Either Black and White or Mint Greene and Cream! The Choice will be yours! – Open Internationally
MGLDesigns is located in Salt Lake City Utah but isoriginally from Argentina and has been in business since 2008! MGLDesigns get’stheir inspirations from being chic and elegant! With a signature rose as one oftheir top design choices! You may also find MGLDesigns on facebook HERE,Twitter HERE, and even their own Web Site HERE! To read more about MGLDesignsyou may visit my past review HERE!


RhisBitsAndBeads is offering up your choice of Earrings! With 17 pairs currently in her shop to choose from! – Open Internationally!
RhisBitsAndBeads is from Eugene,Oregon and enjoys spending her time with family and pets! She has 2 coonhoundsand 10 parrots! RhisBitsAndBeads is inspired by her imagination! She often willpicture a piece in her head and then create it with her top favorite item tomake being Pearls! You may read more about RisBitsAndBeads by visiting my pastpost HERE!
Whimsywares would love for one of the winners to try out their new soap! You will win your choice between Mango Papaya with Apricot Seed soap or Orange Clove withNutmeg Shea Butter Bar. Open to U.S. and Canada Only

WhimsyWaresis run by a husband and wife team from their home in Little Rock, Arkansas.They chose the name WhimsyWares because it is laid back and sort of sounded likefalling into a Fairy Tale! They carry soaps, jewelry, ceramics, and whimsicalart in their shop and love creating items that inspire a Celtic Flare!  You can learn more about WhimsyWares on theirfacebook page HERE or Twitter page HERE! You can also read my past review oftheir delightful soaps HERE!

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Bonus Entries

1. Visit Each Shop and let me know what item you love most! (Each Shop is worth 1 Entry) beadpod8, CleverCrafter, Galit, Kirameku, KristinNoelDesigns, LittlePinkPlum, Margosoriginals, MGLDesigns, RhisBitsAndBeads, VintageKitschMagpie ,WhimsyWares

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Contest will close on February 6th at 11:59 EST! Winners will be chosen by Random.org. 1st winner chosen will choose their favorite prize, second winner will choose from items left, ect….

I did not receive any items for review and this was not a paid post. All thoughts expressed are my own and may vary from others. I do not handle the mailing of giveaway prizes and will not be held responsible for any mishaps that may occur to such prizes.

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