CSN Bar Stools!

The past two years I have been going back and forth about knocking out half a wall in my kitchen and adding a breakfast bar to it. I think it would look so nice and it would open up my Kitchen incredibly. I know there are also down falls to this as it would cut into the space in my living room and because there are some cool shelves about the wall that I keep my Light House collection on. I am still not sure what I will do but when I seen the Modern Bar Stools at CSN it brought my thoughts back to my attention and now I am thinking I might do it! Just think of how cool some of these Bar Stools would look at a breakfast bar!

Each Modern Bar Stool is unique and there are SO many to choose from! I can envision many of them completing my new project! Maybe the Lime Green would be a good fit! Does not really go with my decor right now but it is my favorite color! I could use that as an excuse to do some room decor changes!

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