Thomas Bagel Thins Review!

My Thoughts on Thomas’ Bagel Thins
For the past few days my breakfasts have consisted of ThomasBagel Thins. They are yet another way for you to get a healthier, fast, easy,breakfast! I love them because in the mornings I am always on the go! I needsomething I can eat in the car or as I am typing up reviews.  
When I first heard about Thomas Bagel Thins I pictured thethin, hard, bagels, kind of the consistency of a chip. But I was so wrong. TheThomas Bagel Thins are sold in the same place as the regular bagels. In factthey are the same except a little thinner; which is good since thinner meansless calories! The Thomas Bagel Thins only contains 110 calories! YAY! I lovethe taste of the Thomas Bagel Thins and now I will not feel so guilty when Ipop a bagel in the toaster in the morning! Now with the change the Bagel Thinis actually less calories than the quick fiber bar I was eating in themornings! Go me! Less Calories is always good!
So if you are a bagel lover like I am and you would like tofeel a little less guilty from the excess calories then look into Bagel Thins!They are the same great taste minus the calorie intake!
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