The Dragon and the Turtle Review


My Thoughts on The Dragon and the Turtle
By Donita K. Paul and Evangeline Denmark
WhenI was first given the opportunity to review The Dragon and the Turtle by DonitaK. Paul and Evangeline Denmark I was excited because I love reviewing children’sbooks but I also did not hold out much hope for it being anything different thanany other children’s book. Boy was wrong! The Dragon and the Turtle is a cutestory about a turtle that loses his way and a dragon whom he just meets butputs everything aside to help someone on need. That is what this world needs alittle more of. I know that when I was a child my family trips always tooklonger than expected because if there was a broke down car or an accident youcould bet that my Dad was going to stop and assist with anything he could do. Iremember one year going to Rock Springs Wyoming there were four emergency stopswe made. Three stops were for car accidents and one was for a car with a flattire. That was a very long trip in the car but us kids would not have had itany other way. In this day in age helping out a stranger in need is few and farbetween. Most people now are too caught up in their own lives to help someonebroke down on the side of the road or even worse they are afraid for their own safetyif they stop. It is sad that our minds have to even think if such concerns.

The Dragon and the Turtle is also amazing because the back of the book has ascripture that goes along with the story. I love when books do this because itallows the children to put God onto their reading!  There are some fun activities that also goalong with the book including a recipe. Not many books include recipes but Iwill pay extra attention to the ones that do. My daughter loves to cook and thereis nothing better than cooking a recipe and enjoying it after you read thestory!

Iam absolutely thrilled with this book! My daughter has had a blast reading ittime and again! I love that she is learning the importance in helping those inneed!
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Thanks to MamaBuzz I was able to review this wonderful book! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others!

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