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This valentine’s day I want you all to feel your best. One waythat I know I can feel my best is with good smelling soap! I love taking a hotshower in the morning. I feel like I get my day started off right with a showerand of course a big part of a show is the washing up part and for me to makethe wash up extra nice I like to use soap that smells divine!
ONE can help with that! I was sent a ‘Blast from the Past’ bar ofsoap to review. When I read the name of the soap I was curious and gave it asniff right away. I was taken back to my past immediately! I am not quite sure whatthe scent is of but I know that when I was a young child I smelled it all thetime. I ran to my husband and had him smell it as well and he too said heremembered that scent as a kid but did not know what it was for sure. I can’tbelieve that it really was a scent that we both knew from our youth. ONE reallyhit the nail on the head with this scent!
While using the bar of soap I was thrilled with how big the barstayed as I washed. A lot of times with homemade soap’s I find that the bar ofsoap is gone in just a day or two and I almost feel that although they made mefeel nice and clean that it was also a waste of money. ONE is not like that andthe bar of soap will last just as long as a store bought bar which isWonderful!!!
ONE carries so many wonderful earth and body friendly products.Bath Fizzer, Natural Soap, Shea Body Butter, Hand and Body Lotion, LotionMassage Bar, Lip Balm, After Shower Skin Conditioner Bar, and Solid Shampoo arejust a few of the wonderful items that can be found at ONE!
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I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others

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