EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale!


My Thoughts on EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale
I was in desperate need of a bathroom scale. For some reason mine wentkapooy and would not work any longer. But, how could I achieve my New Yearsgoals without one? Knowing what scale to purchase is a difficult task at times.I know that when I purchased the last one I was hoping for a scale that wouldlast a little longer than it did as well as a scale that was accurate and thechoice between Digital or not was difficult for me also. With the EatSmartDigital Bathroom scale all of the worries that I had before have went away. Thescale is so easy to use and there was none of the setting up and waiting tostep on stuff that I had to deal with before. To be honest I was a littleintimidated to step onto glass but it is thick and once I stepped on it Irealized that it really was not that big of a deal. It instantly lit up myweight and was easy to see and read with a nice bright blue backdrop whichadded the numbers in standing out really well. I think that the EatSmartDigital Bathroom Scale looks very attractive and modern and is a nice fit in mybathroom. I also like that there is nothing there are no buttons on it for thekids to push or mess with. This scale is very family friendly as my daughter hasa fascination with bathroom scales and loves to weigh herself 100 times a day! ButI guess if I had her weight I would do the same! HAHA!
EatSmart does not only sell Digital Bathroom Scales but also has a nicevariety of Kitchen Scales as well! So basically between weighing yourself andyour food EatSmart has what you need to help you along your weight loss track!
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