Ace’s Organic Self Tanner Review!


My Thoughts on Ace’s Organic Self Tanner
I love having a nice tan but since I don’t have the time or moneyfor tanning beds I have to figure something else out in the winter time. Plusit just so happens that Valentine’s Day is in the winter and I would like tohave a good tan for that special night.
Self Tanners are something I have stayed away from until now becausethey seem to turn me orange and look fake. I wanted to review a self tanner butat the same time was very skeptical at the start.
Upon receiving Ace’s Organic Self Tanner I followed directionsexactly and placed it in a spot that would be unnoticeable to others just incase it turned out horrible. After a few hours it looked like it was notworking and I thought about adding some more but decided I would give it thefull 4-6 hours recommended on the back of the bottle. Boy am I glad I waited!After the six hours were up I looked again and I had a nice, dark tan! I couldnot believe the difference I saw and it was not orange at all! Now I am at fourdays later and the tan is still there!  Iam very thrilled! I did not need a second coat or anything! I will also let youknow that before receiving Ace’s Organic Self Tanner I got an e-mail from therep. saying that it was a clean formula and some thought it would not work witha clear formula. Without that e-mail I would have thought the same thing so ifyou decide to make a purchase (which you should!) than please know that it doeswork!!
Ace’s Organic Self Tanner is also the best priced that I havefound! You can purchase a 4oz bottle for just $11.99 or (2) 4oz bottles for$20.00! With how long the tanner lasts on my skin that will be a cheap way tostay tanned for a long period of time! Ace’s Organic Self Tanner is 100%Organic and contains no toxins, pesticides, coloring, bronzer, or PetroChemicals! With the perfect combination of ingredients to NOT make you orange!!
I am thrilled with Ace’s Organic Self Tanner! Truly a 5 starrating from me!
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 You may visit naturalselftanner.comto make a purchase!

I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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