VerTerra Dinnerware Review!


My Thoughts on VerTerra


This Valentine’s Day Iam planning on cooking the meal at home. You know a full out candle lightdinner just for me and my wonderful husband. One thing I would not be lookingforward to doing is the dishes afterward. That is where VerTerra comes in!VerTerra makes stunning all natural plates and bowls. So what are they made outof? Fallen leaves and water! Nothing can get more natural than that!
I received a set ofsingle use Bowls and Plates from VerTerra! I love the unique colors andtextures of each bowl. That in itself was romantic in my opinion. I can justpicture the lovely dinner that will be served on my VerTerra!
When I first seen theVerTerra dishes I was a little nervous about how they might hold up when foodwas placed on them but they were surprisingly much more durable than I everanticipated! In fact they almost felt like they were made out of wood! Yes theyreally are that durable!


VerTerra are 100%Natural and are created from fallen palm leaves. No trees or plants are cutdown during the leaf collection process and the dishes will naturallybiodegrade just 2 months after placement into the ground.
Okay but I bet many ofyou are now wondering how you can purchase these lovely unique dishes! To behonest I was thinking the same thing! Making a purchase on the internet may notbe as convenient for some…so what to do? Well go HERE and type in your zipcode! I was amazed to find that VerTerra products are sold at a store near me!
VerTerra makes manyPlates, Bowls, and even utensils! You can purchase in many different sizesincluding 4”, 6”, 8” and even 10” plates! The bowls can be purchased in 3.5”, 6”and 8” and the utensils being single use wooden forks, knives, and spoons!


Buy It!
You may visit verterra.comto make a purchase or find a store near you!
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I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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