Merlin the Complete Second Season!


My Thoughts on The Adventures of Merlin
The Complete Second Season
I had never before seen The Adventures of Merlin. In fact I did notknow that there was ever even a first season. But, it looks like a show that isright up my alley as I like stories about sources, magic, and the era of Camelot!
Merlin is about a boy who must do everything within his growing magicalpower to protect King Arthur. With enemies around every twist and turn Merlinmust protect and conquer the ancient evil that lives under Camelot!
After just five minutes of Merlin I was hooked. The characters are believableand the story is one that will make you wonder what comes next. I started outthe movie by watching it alone and ended with my whole family around me wantingmore! At first I did not know if this would be a show for my young daughter towatch but I was impressed that there was not the blood and gore that could havewent along with the movie. Merlin is done in a very tactful way and they do notgo above and beyond with the graphics like they could. I am very happy withthis!
Merlin can be found on BBC channels and you won’t want to miss anepisode!
Buy It!
You may visit a store near you to purchase Merlin the Complete Second Season! And while you’reat it you might as well get the first season if you have not already!!!

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