Boba Baby Carrier Review


MyThoughts on Boba Baby Carrier
Iam sure that most of us have had that experience with a baby who doesnot want to be put down. My daughter was that way when she wasyounger and I don’t know what I would have done without my BabyCarrier. Not only are they wonderful to take when you are on the gobut I also enjoyed wearing it around the house while I was doing myhousework. That way it was a win win for me and my daughter.
Bobais the most comfortable baby carrier that I have ever used. It isvery durable and can hold a child up to 45 lbs. Now that is a heftybaby carrier!
Boba’scarrier contains a removable sleeping hood, and removable footstraps. I found the hood and foot straps to me an amazing feature tothe carrier and they were something I had never seen on a carrierbefore!
Iwas able to use the Boba Baby Carrier with one of my day care kids and it was wonderful! Little M fit into thecarrier perfectly and he acted like he was very comfortable. I likedthat the straps were in easy access and I could adjust them toaccommodate Little M and I without hassle. I was also able to sliphim from my front to my back in no time at all. Which was anotherfeature that I was surprised about as Little M is only 2 years oldand I expected to have a hard time getting him on my backcomfortably.
Overall I am amazed with the Boba Baby Carrier. They are so durable andmade with 100% All Natural Cotton. The designs are classy and uniqueand these carriers will be perfect for hiking, shopping, or doinghousehold chores! I am glad that I tested this out with a child that was the max limit of 45 lbs because so many people told me that they thought 45 lbs would be too much on your back. I now disagree as it was nothing for me to pack him around the mall for a few hours!

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I received a Boba Baby Carrier for the purpose of this review thanks to Parent Reviewers. However all thoughts expressed are my own and may vary from others. My opinion was not influenced in any way while writing this post.


  1. I need one like this because my son is getting bigger. I really need a durable one.

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