Hasbro’s Ratuki Review



MyThoughts on Ratuki
Myfamily is a game playing family and if the game is a card game thatjust makes it even better! Ratuki is Hasbro’s new card game and it isa blast to play! Not to mention easy for the younger kids tounderstand.
Ratukiis a game that is played with stacks of cards. Each card has a numberfrom 1-5 and you can play on those top cards. For example if thestack has #3 then you can play a 2 or 4 card to move each pileconsecutively up or down. When a stack reaches the #5 card then theperson playing that card yells “Ratuki” and gets to keep thestack. 
Ienjoyed playing this game with my family the other night and my 5year old even had a good time. Ratuki is recommended for ages 8+ andis for 2-5 players. Each game takes about 15 minutes.
Youmay visit Hasbro.com to learn more or make a purchase!
Idid receive a product for the purpose of this review, However myopinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way!All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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