Z Mei Skin Care Review

My Thoughts on Z Mei
Skin care might be a top priority this Valentine’s day! If that isthe case then I encourage you to check into Z Mei. Z Mei is a line that willhelp aid in firming and anti-aging. Z Mei contains many of the herbs that forcenturies have been used in Oriental skin treatments.
I received an extensive line of Z Mei products for the purpose ofthis review and was thrilled with the change in my skin!
Z Mei Nourishing &Revitalizing Shampoo –The first thing I noticed about the shampoo was the scent. It actually smellslike herbs which is a feature that I LOVE! I was surprised by how thin theshampoo is and I ended up using more shampoo than usual to insure all of myhair was washed. Z Mei Shampoo does not foam up like most shampoo which isactually a very good thing since natural soap does not foam.
Z Mei Hair Repair& Strengthening Conditioner –During the time of my pregnancy I started to lose handfuls of hair when Ishowered. This is something that I thought would go away after I gave birth butit in fact did not. I still lose handfuls of hair with each washing and havefor over 5 years. But, for the first time ever I did not lose hair with the ZMei Conditioner. All it took was 2 washings for me to notice that none of myhair was coming out!!! I was thrilled! I also noticed that I had to use verylittle conditioner because if I over used then my hair would have the greasyeffect after a period of a few hours.
Z Mei Exfoliating Scrub – When using scrubs you are told to use them about 3 times aweek. Often times I am not even able to do it that often as I feel that my faceis being scratched up. That was not the case with Z Mei’s Exfoliating Scrub. Iwas also amazed that the scrub is not just a scrub but doubles as a facial mask(which is what I prefer) I love the feel of a mask and could not wait for mytwice a week Z Mei Mask treatments!
Z Mei Purifying FacialCleanser –   This is another one of my favorites! Thescent is divine and I love that it comes in soap type dispenser. The FacialCleanser foams up a little and feels silky smooth on my skin!
Z Mei Balancing Toner – This is the first time that I have ever had a toner in a spraybottle. However I actually preferred it this way as it was much easier to usethan ones where I have to add my own water and end up with wet arms and shirtfrom applying the toner. I loved that I could just close my eyes and give a fewsprits. It was very refreshing!
Z Mei’s ReplenishingDaily Moisturizer/ Regenerating Night Treatment – I tend to have more oily skin and am not able to usemoisturizer daily. Again with Z Mei that was not the case. I did however useVERY little each time I applied but my skin was not oily throughout the day andthat is a huge Bonus for me!
Z Mei Perfecting EyeCream – I don’t normally useeye cream although I know I probably should. I just usually tell myself that Iam in my 20’s and don’t need it. But I think that theory of mine might changenow that I have been exposed to the Perfecting eye cream. I kept it in thefridge ( I know I’m weird) but I really enjoyed the coolness under my eyes eachmorning. Plus I think it helped my dark circles a little!
Z Mei Intensive RepairTherapy for Hands-My husband suffers from severe dry hands. Most of the time he hates puttinganything on to help because he feels that it is sticky or greasy. But, hereally enjoyed Z Mei’s Intensive Repair Therapy for Hands. I did too! It aswell as the other Z Mei products smelled like herbs which according to myhusband was better than my ‘fufu’ lotions and I felt that my hands were verysoft after each use!
 You may visit http://www.zmei.com/to make a purchase!

I did receive a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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