The Ricky Gervais Show Review


My Thoughts on The Ricky GervaisShow
I have always lovedRicky Gervais! In my opinion he is one of the funniest comedians but I do notseen him around very much. I never knew he had his own show on HBO and up untilmy review of his first season I had not seen him do anything accept host a fewawards shows.
The Ricky GervaisShow is just three good friends sitting around talking. They come up withweirdly funny stuff during their conversations and you never know what theywill talk about next. The three friends (Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, andKarl Pilkington) sit around a table and talk but, what they say is seriouslyfunny! To even spice it up a little they have animated the conversation withlittle cartoon characters of the three men!
When my husband andI first seen that it really was just three guys sitting around talking we didnot know what to expect and we did not think we would find it so entertaining.Before we knew it we had watched it for two hours and still could not getenough!
If you are lookingfor a funny comedy to add to your nightly routine than I recommend you add TheRicky Gervais Show to your list of must watch (or DVR) The show will return onFebruary 19th on HBO! But if you want to catch up and can’t wait tosee how funny it is than I would quickly go out and purchase The Ricky GervaisShow 1st Season today!
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