My Week!

I have had such a wonderful week this week! It all started out with Brandy from Giveaway Blogdom stopping by to visit me with her two beautiful children. I enjoyed having her here as I don’t get to see her very often!

As most of you know I am LDS and I am in charge of Activity Days. Which is girls ages 8-12 and we do many fun crafts and service projects. This week we made Valentines to send to the troops over seas! It was a blast and the girls did a wonderful job with their Valentines! They were also mailed off on Thursday and I do hope that they put smiles on many faces!

Today I took my daughter to gymnastics. When I first signed her up three weeks ago I did not know how well she would do. She is very independent and strong willed and I thought she would take the time to run all over instead of listening to the teacher. But she has surprised me and is actually very good at everything she is learning!

I know that all of this was just random….but I really wanted to share with you what my week contained! How about you? Anything fun happen during your week?


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