Despicable Me Review


My Thoughts on Despicable Me
I had been planningon going to Despicable me in Theaters but was not able to make it happen. Wewere very disappointed but knew that as soon as it was out on video we wouldmake a big effort to see it then. It just looked like such a cute movie that Idid not want to pass it up!
Recently I was ableto review Despicable Me and I was thrilled! The plot of the movie was muchdifferent than I had fist anticipated but I still very much liked it. I alsowas not sure if it would be suitable for younger children but was pleasantly surprisedthat it was not as inappropriate as some of the children’s movies today. Ifound the characters to be quite entertaining and I love the Minions!
At the start of themovie Gru is trying to be the “World’s Greatest Villain” He is plotting andplanning techniques to do the most horrible scheme yet! As his plan unfolds hequickly finds that there is a flaw! Someone who has what he needs! He comes upwith a plan which includes adopting three little girls. Not caring about thegirls just focusing on the job at hand is all that Gru is planning to do! Isthat what happens? You will have to watch to find out!
I think thatDespicable Me is perfect for any age! The movie had a little of everythinglaughter, suspense, emotion, and a villain! How could that go wrong?
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