Slimpressions Review and Giveaway!




My Thoughts on Slimpressions
This Valentine’s Day I will be wearing my Slimpressions! WHY?Because they are awesome!
Most usually when I think of shapewear I think of the productsthat go over your butt and thighs. But I had never before seen Shapewear forthe top! Especially tops for the ‘Haves’ and the ‘Have Nots’ What a creativeidea!
I was able to review a ‘Haves’ Slimpressions top. When I firstopened the package and took out the top I thought “Ya Right!” The top looked sosmall! But then I thought “Well I guess if I can get it on then it really willhold everything in!” So I gave it a try! I got it on MUCH easier than Ianticipated and was thrilled with how much it really did change my body! Someof the features that I love about the Sleekret top is that it has longersleeves which helped to reduce the arm flab that you might feel self conscious about.Each top also has reinforced waist’s which was my favorite part! Thereinforcement brought out my sleek and sexy curves! Another feature that I justlove is how long the top is! It covers all the way down past my hips allowing meto feel slimmer and more beautiful! I was also impressed with how well I wasable to move around and the top fit very comfortably. I have worn it on a fewoccasions now and have never felt uncomfortable! I can’t wait for Valentinesnight! My hubby will love the sexier me!
Slimpressions sells a variety of shapewear items! The tops can bepurchased with or without sleeves as well as in the ‘Haves’ or ‘ Have Nots’form. They can be purchased in four different colors for instance Black,Chocolate, Nude, or White. The sizes range from XS/S – L/XL which covers sizesfrom 2-22!
Slimpressions bottoms can be purchased in three different style;Long, Brief, and Panty. They can be purchased in two different colors; Black orNude and will fit from size Small – 4X!
I love the quality of Slimpressions Shapewear! I have never worn aShapewear product that was so comfy and gave me curves! I know with a productsuch as this you can’t be disappointed!
 You may visit to make a purchase!
You can also use coupon code  B2G1F! With that code you will be able to purchase 2 Haves or Have Nots and get one free!
I did receive aproduct for the purpose of this review, However my opinion was used in thisreview and was not influenced in any way! All thoughts are my own and may varyfrom others. I do not handle the mailing out of giveaway prizes and will not beheld responsible for any mishaps that may occur to such items.

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