Precious Moments Storybook Bible Review


My Thoughts on Precious Moments
Storybook Bible
I love the Bible! I also love Precious Moments! So putting themtogether in my opinion is ingenious!
Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers I was able to review thePrecious Moments Storybook Bible. Each story is just a few pages long and the illustrationsare light pastels and adorable! I have enjoyed reading the fun stories with mydaughter and I know that with Precious Moments Storybook Bible she is able tounderstand what each story is about. Inside the Precious Moments StorybookBible there are also fun pages for your child. There is a Family Tree, ChurchRecord which asks about Special Ceremonies, Church and Sunday School Attended,Vacation Bible Schools, Church Camps, and Church Outings, as well as a pagededicated to your Childs favorite things! I love that my child will be able toput the little things about her life and that they will be contained in oneplace where she will always be able to look at them.
Precious Moments Storybook Bible has many stories but not just outof the Bible. The Storybook Bible is broken down in to sections that includeFavorite Bible Classics, (Creation, Garden of Eden, Noah, Joseph, etc….), Wordsof Praise and Wisdom (Your name is wonderful, The Lord Takes Care of His PeopleThe Lord is My Shepherd, etc…),  MoreStories of the Faith ( We Will Serve The Lord, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, JonahRuns From God, etc..), and Songs and Prayers ( The B-I-B-L-E, Jesus Loves theLittle Children, Jesus Loves Me).
Ashes Thoughts (age 5)
I love the storybook Bible. It is so cute! I can learn of God. I love the pictures. I learned thatDevil is a snake in the Garden of Eden and about the Ark that Noah built. Thoseare my two favorite stories. I get to read the book during church to help mestay quiet. I like to read with my Mom.
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Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers I received a product for the purpose of thisreview, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced inany way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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