God Gave Us So Much Book Review


My Thoughts on God Gave Us So Much
By Lisa Tawn Bergren
Thanks to Blogging for Books I was able to review anamazing children’s book titles ‘God Gave Us So Much.’ To me the title says itall and I knew that this book could not disappoint! God Gave Us So Much by LisaTawn Bergren is made up of not one but THREE children’s stories telling themabout the love that God has for us. I love that the books is more than just afew words to a page and really tells you a good story. Each page is also filledwith the most fun and eye catching art work that brings the children into thestory.
All three stories are about a little Polar Bear Cub whoasks questions to her family members. Each of them lets her know Gods love forher in a entertaining way.
Story One- God Gave Us the World- You will enjoylistening as Little Cub hears about all of the other bears there are in theworld. His mother tells him about how God made different landscapes such asdesert, mountains, jungles, and the arctic. God also made bears to fit eachplace and Mother Bear explains to Little Cub that God put each bear in theplace that he knew would make them most happy.
Story two-God Gave Us Love- take note as Little Cub getsa lesson from Grandpa. Little Cub learns that God loves each one of us just aswe should all love another. The gift of Love is a Gift from God that we shouldnever take for granted!
Story Three- God Gave Us Heaven- You will enjoy learningjust as Little Cub does, about Heaven. God has a plan for each of us and LittleCub and his Papa will discuss their views on the wonderful place that they willone day return to.
I love the God Gave Us books by Lisa Tawn Bergren. Theyare uplifting and the perfect fit for my young child. I also found out thatthere are more to the series then just the one I received! Lisa has alsowritten God Gave Us You, God Gave Us Two, and God Gave Us Christmas! I can’twait to read more titles by Lisa!Like my review? I would love for you to stop by and rate it HERE! Thanks for all you do!

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I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review

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