Financial Fairy Tales Review

My Thoughts on Financial Fairy Tales

Finances are not something that most children think of.In fact most teenagers don’t understand money and bills. It is also a hardthing to teach a child as there are not too many opportunities to bring upfinances and how to make a good living. That is where Financial Fairy Talescomes in! Financial Fairy Tales teaches kids the importance of work and makinga living. But it is not all about that! Financial Fairy Tales has a cute childfriendly story intertwined into real life situations. One of my favoriteFinancial Fairy Tales is about a boy who has a dream to one day own a horse. Heknows this is not something that he will be able to accomplish easily so heturns to an Uncle for advice. What his Uncle teaches him is more than just away to accomplish his goal. But how to live and survive!
Financial Fairy Tales are affordable and the kids willlove the stories as well as the artwork that goes along with them! The charactersare relatable and with have your children thinking about their goals in no time!I was very impressed with the stories! But that’s not all! Financial FairyTales also has activities that your children can do to help them along the way!Even at age 5 my daughter can start to look at money in a different light. Itis not something that Mom and Dad just acquire! It is something that is workedfor! The Activity book will teach your child how to add up money, how to figurean amount to see what you can pay for, as well as other fun games such asmazes, word searches, and dice games.
I love the Financial Fairy Tales and everything theyteach a child. I feel that more children need to be exposed to financialsituations as well as know what their dreams are!

Financial Fairy Tales are recommended for children ages5-10 and can be purchased online! 
 You may visit Financial Fairy Tales to make a purchase!! 

I did receive a product for the purpose of this review,However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way! Allthoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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