Yogi’s Great Escape Review

My Thoughts on Yogi’s Great Escape
Yogi Bear was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a child. I lovedthe fun loving characters and the stunts that Yogi and Boo Boo would pull offjust to eat some food. Yogi is truly a classic and I am so happy that I havebeen able to share him with my own daughter the past few months. Yogi is makinga comeback just as I knew he would. This time with Yogi’s Great Escape!
Yogi’s Great Escape is a classic to beat all classics! Why? Because notonly does this cute DVD have my beloved Yogi but also the bear cub triplets,Ranger Tim, and Yapper the Hound! I remembered them from when I was a child andI was thrilled to see this cartoon again!
In this adventure Yogi and Boo Boo wake up and discover that JellyStonePark is being shut down. Yogi is not pleased as now this will mean that therewill not be any Picnic baskets around to feed him! How will he be able to feedhimself without Picnic baskets?
Ashes Thoughts
(age 5)
I like Yogi. He is silly and I like what he does for food. I like whenhe tries to convince people that he is hungry just to try to eat some food. Ithink that the bear cubs are cute and I would like to go to JellyStone Park tomeet them. Boo Boo is funny too. I like that he tries to get Yogi to be goodbut Yogi does what he wants anyway. Sometimes I would like to do what I wantbut Mom won’t always let me.
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