Supercharge your Gift Card from Hasbro!

Supercharge your Gift Card!
I am sure most of you have already seen the posts about Super Charging your gift cards from Hasbro! But for those of you that have not I wanted to make sure you hear about it! From now until January 31st when you purchase $20 in Hasbro toys and games you will be able to go online and fill out a form to receive another toy for FREE! That includes FREE shipping! All toys are valued at, at least $10 and include some of the most popular Hasbro toys!
– FurReal Friends
– G.I. Joe
– Hasbro Card Games
– Iron Man 2
– Littlest Pet Shop
– My Little Pony
– Spider-Man
– Strawberry Shortcake
– Tonka
– Tonka CHUCK & Friends
– Transformers
– Weebles
To read more on Hasbro’s Supercharge you may go HERE!

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