Hartz Pet Toys Review

My Thoughts on Hartz Pet Toys
My dog loves her pet toys. Especially anything round like a ball. (I say like a ball because as I write this she is playing with a round fake tomato from my daughters kitchen set!) But she has her toys in pieces so quickly and I have a hard time finding a brand that will last longer than 24 hours.
When I first seen the e-mail about reviewing Hartz Pet Toys I was happy. I had read that they were more durable and I was excited to see if the Tuff Stuff Nose Divers and the Dura Play Ball would really be strong enough to last through my Border Collie.
Upon receiving the Hartz toys I noticed the fun shapes and bright colors. My Tuff Stuff Duck is bright blue with an orange rope which I found very eye catching. My first instinct of course was to check the durability of this Tuff Stuff Duck and I noticed right away that the canvas was much thicker than I had anticipated. The rope is secured all the way through the duck and the end of the rope is tied in the top of the ducks head. I knew that this Tuff Stuff duck would allow hours of play for my dog because of the durability of the nylon! I was right. My dog did have the rope tore up after a few days but not the nylon! YAY!
The second item I received from Hartz for review is the Dura Play Ball. I must say I was most thrilled by this. As soon as I touched the Dura Play Ball I really could feel the difference.  The Ball is soft and very thick!! Thus far my dog has had hours of play time with this ball and it is not yet in pieces! I am overly impressed with the Dura Play Ball and plan on purchasing one for my dog’s Christmas Stocking this year. I know that she will love the time spent throwing it up in the air with her nose and I know I will love knowing that I have finally found a Durable Ball that will last more than a day!
Buy It!
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I was  sent a product for the purpose of my  review, However my opinion was used in this review and was not influenced in any way! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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