Tellurian Baby Review

My Thoughts on Tellurian Baby Products
New babies are fresh and delicate and I never want to pit anything on their skin that has harmful chemicals. But sometimes you just don’t know what is in a bottle of lotion or a baby shampoo. Are the ingredients truly healthy for your child? Tellurian baby is an all natural line of baby items. They sell diaper cream, shampoo, oil, body wash, lotion, and 2 n 1 shampoo and body wash.
When I was first asked to review Tellurian’s Natural Baby products I had never heard of them but after reading a little about their company I knew it would be a good fit to share with you.  The products were shipped to my door quickly and were packaged nice and tight!

The look of the Tellurian products are cute and fun the design on the label is eye catching and unique.  Each bottle has it’s very own look and I really like the pump feature on the shampoo, body wash, and lotion bottles because it makes it easy quick and easy to use. You can also turn the top a little to lock it so the children cannot access the liquid. My daughter may be a little older but I still look for tearless shampoo’s and such. Tellurian is an easy smell good product that I can trust her to use on her own. With the pump at the top I know that she will not be dumping too much shampoo in her hand and therefore cuts down on the wasted soap issue that I have had in the past.  Plus she loves the smell of the shampoo! Tellurian products can also be purchased in a few different scents for example unscented, vanilla and soothing/calming
Tellurian was started by Jane Leeves and Ron Lewis who got together and decided to make a product that was as natural as possible for the little ones. Tellurian is also in the process of making a line for mom!!
I know that there are a lot of pregnant mothers around me who will be honored to use Tellurian products on their new babies. I as well would purchase Tellurian simply for the fact that it is as natural as can be and it is effective! I give Tellurian a 5 star rating!
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 You can go to HERE to purchase Tellurian’s baby products!
I was sent a product for the purpose of my  review! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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