Lee (The Generals) Book Review

My Thoughts on Lee (The Generals)
A Life of Virtue
By John Perry
I love learning about fun stuff that happened in the past. History type books are the best. That is why I could not wait to read Lee The Generals by John Perry! This book truly took me on a journey of the life that General Lee lived. Everything from Lee’s childhood, to his marriage, and then through the birth and lives of his children. I learned each place that Lee traveled during his time in the military as well as some interesting facts that happened to his children such as his son who accidentally cut off his fingers at a young age. General Lee helped me to better understand the thoughts and actions of a military icon that I had heard so much about but never really knew. I love the writing style of John Perry and I don’t think that Perry could have done it any better. It is an easy to understand book and flows nicely.
Another aspect of the book I enjoyed was the catchy cover. I know that many tell you don’t judge a book by its cover but at times it is hard not to.  The cover has a large image of General Lee which really helps you put a face to the name as you are reading.
This is a book I would spend my money on. I enjoy history and this is one of the better written biographies I have read.  Truly a five star rating from me!
John Perry has also written a book about General Patton and I can’t wait to read it!
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