Casa di Bertacchi Meatballs review

My Thoughts on Casa di Bertacchi

Meatballs are a staple in my house. What I mean is we purchase a bag of premade Meatballs each week Just in case we are not in the mood to cook and just want something fast. Besides, There are so many different recipes you can do with meatballs and that was verified when I was sent the cookbook ‘101 Things To Do With Meatballs’ for the purpose of my reviewing Casa Di Dertacchi Meatballs sold at SAMs Club.
This past weekend I went to Sams Club and picked up a bag of Casa di Bertacchi Meatballs! I loved the size of the bag (of course it was family size) and the price was nice! When we got home my husband went through the cookbook and found a meatball with cheese recipe to prepare for dinner that night.
I love the flavor of the Casa di Bertacchi Meatballs. They were easy to cook and will work wonderfully with any recipe. If I had to find a con about Casa di Bertacchi It would be the occasional piece of gristle or bone. But Unfortunately, that is a given no matter what brand of meatballs you purchase. Casa di Bertacchi’s big family size bag sold at Sams Club will help my family save money. I think I can make one bag last for an entire month! WoW! Plus my family and I will enjoy choosing different quick and easy meatball recipes out of the cookbook!
Buy It!
 You can go to your local Sams Club to purchase Casa di Bertacchi Meatballs!
I was sent a product through a PR company for the purpose of my review! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others

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