Twas the Night Before Christmas Review

My Thoughts on Twas the Night Before Christmas
I love watching the Christmas time cartoons on TV but, one I was surprised to have never seen before is T’Was the night before Christmas’. Today my whole family was feeling under the weather so we took a day off and had a family movie day.
T’was the night before Christmas was a cutest movie we seen today. I loved the plot as well as the characters. The movie is focused around saving Christmas as tragically Santa has decided not to stop off in their little town. Why? You will have to watch the movie to see! Will they be able to save Christmas in time? Will the town be able to change Santa’s mind and get him to visit the children? Come watch how one man (and one mouse) are willing to do anything to save Christmas! I am so glad to have added this to my family collection as they just don’t make Christmas cartoons as good as they used to!

Ashes thoughts
Age 5

I loved hearing the clock sing. The mouse was cute and he was friends with a human which is silly. The mouse was swinging inside the clock and it went “ding dong”. It was great. I can’t wait for Santa to come. Santa comes down the chimney and I wish I could look out the window and see Santa like the kids in the movie did.

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