The Search For Santa Paws Review

My Thoughts on Disney’s The Search For Santa Paws
Christmas is in the air! I am so excited! This year for the first time I can see the Christmas spirit in my child. Tonight her eyes lit up with the magic that children feel this time of year. We were spending our evening watching the movie Santa Paws and for the first time ever my daughter started to cry during a movie. She was so upset when things went wrong and ecstatic when things went right. I have never seen her so in tune with a movie before. Especially, since she usually does not even watch an entire movie in one setting without getting restless.
During the movie my daughter got to see the Christmas magic at work. There were many holiday surprises and the movie was filled with love and joy. After the movie she went over to our family dog and gave her a big hug. It was super cute! What a wonderful movie! Truly a 5 star rating from me and I think if you are looking for the perfect holiday movie to share with you family you will not find anything more entertaining than Santa Paws!
Ashes thoughts The Search for Santa Paws
Age 5 

It is a fun movie. It made me cry. I was worried about Santa paws and did not want him to get hurt. I love the Christmas magic and the pretty stuff paws could do with his magic crystal. Santa loves paws and I love my dog too!


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