Skeletons In The Swimmin Hole Book Review

My Thoughts on Skeletons In The Swimmin Hole:
Tales from Haunted Disney World
By Kristi Peterson Schoonover
When you think of the words “Walt Disney world” I bet the last thing you would think is haunted ghost stories. That was until I came across the book Skeletons In The Swimmin Hole: Tales From Haunted Disney World by Kristi Peterson Schoonover.
At first I did not know what to expect. I mean its Disney World and I did not know if I would want to read horror stories about the famous theme park. But after reading the first story I realized that these stories were not half as bad as I first thought.
‘Skeletons in the Swimmin Hole’ is about experiences at Disney world that have haunted people in one sense or another. It was almost depressing to hear of the traumatic events that some have had at such a magical place. But then again that is what makes horror stories so
awesome right? Plus for Kristi to write about them to taking place at the land of magic is unique and daring. I love how Kristi went outside if the box with her writing. It was neat to look at this whole new side if Disney World. Each story was entertaining and very unlike the story before. I know that the next time I walk into the famous attractions I will remember Kristi’s words and the stories that have happened there. That’s what makes a good author right? I will have a lasting impression!
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