James Beards American Cookery Review

My Thoughts on James Beard’s American Cookery
I received an American Cookery cookbook for the purpose of my review. When I first opened the package I was amazed at just how big this cookbook is. No wonder they call it the Bible of American cooking! It’s Huge!
Just like with the other cook books I decided to cook whatever recipe was on the random page that I opened up too. It happened to be yummy Corn Beef Hash! I had never cooked my own Corn Beef Hash before and was a little nervous to try it out. I love Corn Beef Hash and it is my number one breakfast choice whenever we eat out.
For the Hash all I had to do was cook up a corn beef and slice it up thinly. I was also surprised at how few ingredients are really in Corn Beef Hash, Especially the spices. There were only two! I am not going to give them away to you as I would love for you to purchase this cook book and try it out for yourself!
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I was sent a product for the purpose of my  review! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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