Open Season 3!

My Thoughts on Open Season 3
Yesterday I had the privilege of watching a preview showing of Open Season 3. Open season 3 will be released on January 25,2011. I can’t wait. What a cute show. Open Season 3 has all the same characters we all know and love but this time they have also added some more.
Boog is watching all of his friends around him. They have families and lives of their own now. But what about him? Feeling like he don’t fit in anymore Boog decides to leave and find a place where he is welcome. But is he really welcome where he thinks he is? I guess you will have to wait till January to see!
Wanna see the Trailer or learn more? Click HERE!
I was able to watch 30 minutes of Open Season 3 for my  review! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others

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