Waist EEZ Review!

My Thoughts on Waist EEZ
It is so hard to find a pair of pants that fit my child properly. I know I am not alone in this dilemma and was very pleased when I came across Waist EEZ. Waist EEZ is a handy little contraption that you can hook through the belt loops to tighten the pants on your child. Plus you can even wash your child’s pants and not worry about having to remove the waist EEZ. This also allows the pants to fit a little tighter than before!
The Waist EEZ is made very nicely. And the hooks hold firmly. There are also three different settings so that the Waist EEZ will fit no matter what size your child is.
Pros-The Waist EEZ works like a charm and I was able to fit my daughter’s pants better without using a belt! Which is nice since she has a hard time buckling and unbuckling some of her belts. I also noticed a small difference in her pants after washing them!
Cons- The Waist EEZ is a little bit bulker than I would like. It was hard to fit through some of her belt loops. Also because of the big logo she is not able to wear this to school as there can be no logo’s showing on any clothing. But, I do understand why Waist EEZ has their logo on it and the bulkiness may not have worked with a few pants but the majority worked fine! So over all I give this a 4 star rating and think it would be a very good addition to your child’s stockings this year!
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I received  a product for the purpose of this review! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others

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