Travalo Review

My Thoughts on Travalo
I remember going on a trip with my family once and made sure to pack all of my personal items very carefully. But of course it never fails that things do not come out of the suit case as nice as they go in and when I got to my destination my perfume had leaked all over my bag. Not a good thing when those are the only clothes you have to wear on your vacation for the next week and don’t have a washing machine to get some of that perfume out of the fabric!
Ok so you probably want to know why I told you that story right? Well because I will not ever have to worry about that again! Travalo is an amazing product that I can place in my travel bag and not worry about packing along this big bottle of perfume. Now I will easily be able to put the perfume of my choice into a smaller reusable container that is even allowed on air planes! Yay!
So how does it work? Well at first I had it all wrong. I will admit that I was looking at the picture on the package and got pretty confused. (It was completely my fault not the pictures fault) But, after watching the video I thought to myself “duh” and had it filled in less than 15 seconds. The Travalo is a mini refillable spray bottle that will hold your perfume. It is small and can easily be stored in your luggage, purse or even your pocket!
At the bottom of the Travalo is a little hole. All you have to do to fill it is take the spray nozzle off your perfume bottle and insert the tube in the bottom of the Travalo. Pump it a few times until it contains the desired amount. That’s it! It’s really that simple! The Travalo is so easy and handy! I know that I will use this MANY times! Plus it would make a great stocking stuffer!
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I received a product for the purpose of this review! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others

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