Find A Way by Merril Hoge Review

My Thoughts on Find A Way: three words that changed my life forever
By Merril Hoge
I have not been very close to cancer. I have had a Grandpa die from cancer but he got so sick, so fast, that chemotherapy really was not an issue. Find A Way: Three Words That Changed My Life by Merril Hoge took me through steps of cancer that I have never thought about. I was in tears before I even got to page ten. In fact, I read some of the parts to my husband who also lost a grandfather to cancer and my husband was in ‘Ah’ about what I read to him.
Merril’s book will take you on am inspirational journey and show you that the impossible can come true. Our mindset in life can take us far in life as long as we stay positive and take care of what needs to be done. We can “find a way” through anything that life throws at us. If Merrill and a million other people can put liquid death through their veins to try to live, then I can get through my problems in life that seem so small and minor compared to the life of some others.
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