Really Wooly Kids Trusting In The Shepherd Review

My Thoughts Really Woolly Kids
Trusting In The Shepherd
I have a “Sunday box” of items for my daughter to help her to keep the Sabbath day holy. I am so excited because this week I added another fun movie to her “Sunday Box”! Really Woolly kids Trusting In The Shepherd is a cute animated movie that has lovable characters and teaches the children about Jesus. I love that Really Woolly Kids take everyday childhood situations and teaches the children that through prayer and faith they can overcome anything. The two cute stories in Trusting The Shepherd are about conquering fear. The entire DVD is centered on Psalm 23:4 and there is even a cute little song to help the children learn the scripture.
I know that scripture memory is very important to me. In fact not only do I try to get my daughter to memorize important scriptures but I also give out little encouraging gifts to my Primary class for each scripture that they memorize that pertains to our Sunday lessons. I can’t wait to share this movie with my Activity Days girls at the church as well! They love the fun movies that I come up with and I know this one will please as well!
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