Bringing Up Bobby Movie Review

My Thoughts on Bringing Up Bobby
Bringing up Bobby. What can I say? It is a movie about finding yourself and your way to God. Bobby’s family is falling apart and Bobby is lost in a world where he is trying to find the person he needs to be. Loving his gothic style life is not enough for him any longer. Especially with the new student Liz around. Bobby will do anything to get her attention but Liz like his brother just wants Bobby to figure out who he really is. When times get hard and Bobby’s family is at war over their parents will. Bobby realizes who he is and gives up his inheritance to help save a friend in need. My family and I enjoyed Bringing Up Bobby. The uplifting story about finding yourself and in turn finding god. I would like to think that if faced with that situation I too would be like Bobby and give up everything for a friend in need. Bobby and his brother did what was right and in the long run it paid off for them both. I love movies that focus on the love of the Lord. It is good to know that there are good wholesome movies out there to watch and enjoy with my loved ones!
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