Upside Movie Review

My Thoughts on Upside
I just watched one of the best most uplifting movies ever. Upside staring Randall Bentley Is a movie about a boy that has had his world turned upside down. Literally! After a lacrosse accident Soli (Randall) wakes up to realize that his vision is upside down. As he leaves the hospital Soli embarks on a journey of life. On one side he has his life before the accident and on the other he has this new grown up life that is staring him in the face. Part if his new life is him learning about the Lord which is something he has never done before. But after a miracle that happens to him there is no way he can deny the Lord! Soli will go through the troubles of not only seeing upside down but also issues with a girlfriend whom he really is starting to fall in love with and a mother that he does not have a close relationship with. I love the movie Upside. It has been a long time since I have seen a good uplifting movie that made me feel good while making me think about my life and how fortunate I really am.
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