Whirl-A-Style Review

My Thoughts on Whirl-A-Style
I love putting my hair up. At the end of the day that is all I want to do is get the hair off of my neck! But, I still need my hair to look good. Whirl-a-style is an amazing little tool that does just that. It creates a perfect, yet effortless bun!
Pros- Whirl-a-Style is very easy to use. You loop your hair through it and then twist it up until it will not twist any more. Clip the ends together, spread out your hair and you’re done! I could not believe how easy it was. I also love the different hair styles you can come up with when using Whirl-a-style. It is perfect for my end of the day wanting my hair off my neck as well as for special occasions like a hot date or a wedding. I also love to use it in my little girl’s hair. It makes it fast and easy to do in the mornings before school and it stays up and out of her face.
Cons- I find that Whirl-a-Style is a little harder to use on myself. I can get it done but it took some practice. The rubber also pulls on my hair when I am trying to take it out and if your hair is layered you will have more of a problem using Whirl-a-Style then you would with hair that is the same length.
All in all this is a pretty neat contraption and I even went on the lookout at a couple local stores because I would like to purchase more of them. Unfortunately none of the stores around me carry Whirl-A-Style yet but that is okay! I can purchase them online and I also like the price tag! Whirl-A-Style will be just $9 for my daughter and $10 for me! YAY!
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I was sent a product for purpose of my review Thanks to Whirl A Style! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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