My Fuzzoodles House Partypalooza!

My Thoughts on Fuzzoodles
I was thrilled to be able to host a Fuzzoodles House Party! Half of my daughters Kindergarten class was there and they also brought along their siblings! YAY! We had a total of 23 kids and 14 parents when all was said and done! The Fuzzoodles are a very fun craft. They are recommended for ages 5-7. I agree with the age group but think that 7-12 would really enjoy these as well. I did notice that while there were so many children at my house that some of them lost interest fast and wanted to do other things but when left in a small group they played more with the Fuzzoodles. I love that you can take them apart and re-create a new Fuzzoodle! I also heard feedback from some of the parents saying that they loved that Fuzzoodles is a craft their child can do without the use of scissors and glue! They are also mess free! I had parents comment that these would be wonderful on car trips as well as in waiting rooms or hospitals.
Fuzzoodles are easy to use. You can bend and twist them into any shape you want. Add some eyes, mouth, nose, and accessories to make it different each and every time! There are a variety of colors as well as accessories such as dog feet, alien feet, and high heels for the girls. I love the Fuzzoodles and I have now put them on my daughters Christmas wish list for this year! What a blast we all had at the party!
Ashes Thoughts
(age 5)
They are so silly. They are cute and cuddly. We can make an animal, dog, cat, zebra, flower, monster, or a chicken. They are fun and have lots of colors. They are easy to do and are fuzzatastic!
Buy It!
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I was sent Fuzzoodles for the purpose of my review and to host a House Partypalooza for the purpose of little ones to review. All thoughts expressed are my own and may vary from others! Thanks House Partypalooza and Fuzzoodles for allowing me to do this review!

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