5 Ways to Save on Your Child’s Diapers


This is a guest post written by Lauren Dzuris. Lauren runs FindMyCarSeat, a website on Booster Car Seats that can help new parents find a great car seat, while giving them tips, and advice on everything from pregnancy to parenting.

Once we have a baby, we finally start to see what everyone means when they say they’re expensive.  We’ve heard it from our parents, our in-laws, and have read about it, but until they’re here in our arms, we don’t fully understand.
Between the cost of a complete nursery set, formula each week, diapers, clothes, and everything else, we’ve spent a good amount of money!  What really gets us is the cost of diapers.  Although they serve a purpose, it seems silly to spend so much on something we use once and throw away!  So, if you’re looking to cut the costs on them, here are some ideas below!
Brands:  First of all, brand plays a role in the price just like everything else.  If you can, stick with your local grocery store’s brand.  A diaper is a diaper.  It works the same and has the same purpose.  The only thing that is different is the price and the designs on them!  So, go for the cheaper route, and avoid the big names!
Bulk:  If you have a wholesale store around you like Costco or Sam’s Club, now is the time to get a membership.  I promise you that you’ll probably make up the cost of it the first day you shop there.  This is an excellent place to get diapers!
Coupons:  Use coupons!  Either subscribe to the Sunday paper or find them online.  You can always get what you want for a cheaper price if you’re coupon savvy.
Cloth:  Although many people don’t use cloth diapers anymore, they are still great!  Yes, the clean up may not be too fun, but it will definitely save you money!
Online:  Consider shopping online.  There are several websites that you can find great deals on.  For example, Amazon, Diapers.com, and many others have diapers for a cheaper price.
Whenever you have the opportunity to save money, go for it!  It helps us save more, buy more of the things we want, and helps us get more out of a dollar!

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