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My Thoughts on Shout
Shout is a brand that I know and trust my mom used Shout when I was a child and I use it now. That is why I could not turn down a chance to review Shout products. So I would love to give a quick Thank you to Growing Tree Toys and their learning toys for allowing me to review these wonderful products!
With the Shout products also came cards with 52 Nature activity ideas! How cool is that? Not only is Shout a brand I can trust but also a brand that believes in family time and play! The first Shout product I want to tell you about is Shouts triple acting spray. This is the most used Shout product that I have. With day care kids you never know what stains they will come up with. I know that with my Shout Triple Acting spray that the stains will come out. No matter what the kids get into while playing outside, from grass to mud to raspberries those stains don’t stand a chance against Shout! The second product I was sent is Shout Advanced. This is the Shout you use with the stain of all stains. You know like when the kids were working in the garage with my husband. You would not have believed the grease mess they came in with! I love the brush at the top of the bottle that aides in getting deep into the fabric to help release the stains. The third Shout product I received was the Color Catcher. This allows you to wash your colors together with no worries about the colors running. This is an awesome feature that helps save some time. In this fast paced world anything that helps save some time is worth it.
Using Shout products give me more time with my family. I can let the kids use their full imaginations while playing and not worry about the mess they might be making. So next time my daughter decides to put down the brush and use her paints as finger paints or the kids decide that spaghetti is a finger food I will not worry as I know I have my Shout on hand!
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I was sent Shout Products as well as 52 Nature activity card pack for purpose of my review. Thank you Shout for allowing me to review your products! All thoughts are my own and may vary from others.

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