Sidral Mundet’s Apple Soda Review

My Thoughts on Sidral Mundet’s Apple Soda
I had never tried apple soda before but now that I have I know it will not be the last time! Sidral Mundet was so light and refreshing. I could really taste the apple! Sidral Mundet was first made in 1902 by Don Arturo Mundet. Mundet has been one of Mexico’s favorite drinks since! Mexican mothers even go so far as to give Sidral Mundet to their sick children to help aid in hydration! Sidral Mundet is pasteurized and can be purchased in long neck or plastic bottles. It has no artificial colors and is made from real apples and real sugar! I really don’t understand what the color difference is supposed to be? But I will say that the Green or clear bottle was my favorite! They were both awesome and my husband preferred the apple juice colored soda. It’s crazy! I did a little research and came up empty as to if it is different apples used or what? But Hey! It tasted awesome and the next time I see it in the store I will be sure to pick some up!
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